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quarta-feira, 3 de julho de 2013

Limited edition Max and Carol!

Remember Max and Carol from Where Wild Things Are book and movie?

Well, almost a month ago our blog mate BFG shared with us a picture of the greens of Max and Carol, and told us how they where to be used promoting a Blood Bowl tourney, the "Mike Krieger memorial Cup" (check it in this LINK).

Both miniatures painted by Misses BFG.

With a limited cast of 50 of each (sold together), the figures are made from pewter (37 and 17mm respectively), and are sculpted by Rykar, who will also be sculpting a new 'monster' from the book every year.
Each set (with both figures) costs 25USD plus shipping, and aside from helping funding their tourney, a donation will be given to the pa's fallen soldier fund.

Either because you loved the book/movie, want to help out their BB community runing the tourney, want to give a hand at the fallen soldiers fund (and while at it grab a pretty cool prize), or just love those fine looking miniatures, give those guys a hand and get a set of those for your self!

You can pm directly BFG for this, or for any other details (such as combined postage or so), via Talk Fantasy Football forum, in this thread, or just leave a comment with a contact adress and I'm sure he'll be more than happy to contact you personaly!
And hurry up, 50 copies where made...

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