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quinta-feira, 11 de agosto de 2011

live Twitter/Blog feedback

Hey guys,

Can you check out the posts I tried out yesterday while playing my buddy Chris (@wapcaplets) - I need some feedback on whether that's interesting to read, is it pointless considering it's duplication of twitter posts, etc.  I also need to figure out something quicker for Chaos Cup, it took too much effort to post that from my phone.  Any ideas you have please let me know.

Post 1: Pre-game recap

Post 2: First Half recap

Post 3: Second Half + Twitter feed


3 comentários:

Axtklinge disse...

A couple of comments prior to the actual "report test":
1.Nice pitch! Is it home made, or from any local tournament, ...?
2.Nice pumpkin team! Cheers for Chris for such lovely team and for helping out.

Now for the "test report"...
I enjoyed reading your report, and would just suggest one thing related to the pics:
I would favour more "wide" pics (as in teams formations, and their field displacement)and how the game developed rather than zooming in to single players (as in to favour "the game report" instead of just showing the lovely minis you both have!)

Also, you could take a "team pic" of you opponent, it would be cool reports wise (this might be better before the game starts. After the game you may run out of time, or the opposing coach might be a sore looser...)

Tristan M disse...

Hey Axt!

The pitch is from the first NAF tournament I ever attended - the Canadian Open.

I like Chris' pumpkin team too - there was a team pic, it's the last photo of the "Pre-game recap" post.

Wider pics - check! Sometimes you lose the details/sharpness of the photo, but I can definitely do that. Thanks for the comments!

Tristan M disse...

Abraxis? Any comments?