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domingo, 30 de outubro de 2011

Who doesn´t love Orcs? ^^

Hey guys...this is just a quick update about the Orclahoma Bowl.

Be sure to check the website here and follow the main guys via twitter: Scott Delsigne and Steve Campbell


"Get Ready for the Orclahoma Bowl!

Orclahoma... a land of savagery in both its weather and its inhabitants. Long ago driven from the rest of the Southlands, the many tribes of Savage Orcs came to this land and called it "WAAAAHH!", which translates to something stupid, so most people just called it Orclahoma. Told they'd have their own land,the Orcs prospered and lived peacefully, or as peacefully as Orcs can live. Not long after, the fabled tomes of Nuffle were found and the games reached far and wide across the great lands.

After many years of reporting for the Nuffle Broadcasting Cabal, Orclahoma native, "Scary" Harry Badsaw, decided what better way to share his love of Blood Bowl with his people than by holding his very own tournament. With that, the Orclahoma Bowl was born!

Knowing most teams and coaches have no desire to come to the savage land, Badsaw built an impressive stadium(Badsaw Farmily Memorial Stadium) and convinced some Greenskin star players to offer their services up to any team who was willing to pay them. Not only did he get current star players, he managed to talk "The Crom" himself, Cromnard Dung, out of retirement and to offer his services for this tournament! Who knows who might show up in future tournaments, rumor has it that Greaser Geargrinder was seen buying new parts...

Fans of Blood Bowl will be glued to their seats! The mighty Orcs bashing and mauling each other! The Orclahoma weather changing hard and fast! Great fun will be had by all! And even more-so by the fans that survive!

All games will be broadcast by Cabalvision!"

Also,if you can,please check this out: Angry-Nerds ... and this: Couch Pirate Radio i bet you´re gonna like it BIG TIME :)

PS-Join the #McRib madness...if you live in the USA of course...lolol.


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