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domingo, 17 de junho de 2012

Show me your dice!

Over the course of years, every die hard fan of table top games ends up gathering and collecting more dice (amongst other memorabilia) than he'll ever get to use.
That's probably a FACT I suppose.

Like our beloved miniatures, and after a certain number of them (...) we start having a urgent need for some sort of storage, not only to have them protected form dust, or our pets ( dog, cat, you name it...), but because (most of the times) they do look nice, and deserve to be looked at, instead of just being hidden in any closet or box!

By now, probably all of you already are familiar with our mate Neil (Pugwash Pirates, Black Pig, Strum Champion, ...), and the endless source of goodies he doesn't tire to share with us, right?
Now it seems that one of these days, similar thoughts took him to comment with his wife how he was looking for a display box for his Blood Bowl dice collection... and not long after (as in "that same evening") his wife presented him one that she made herself!!

How about that?!?

Kudos to your wife for a great job Neil!
Oh, and you can even spot the NABBO dice in there, just look closely!

Thanks mate!

8 comentários:

AbraxiS disse...

Ohh....dice it....and want also want it :P

Paul O'G disse...

That is a spectacular collection of dice - look at all those NAF dice!!!

The Lad and I have started collecting dice in the last year since we started playing BB but its a pretty modest collection still.

AbraxiS disse... that a D3 dice on the bottom row near that lonely Dark Green NAF dice

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War disse...

Eye candy

AbraxiS disse...

We all suffer from the same "desease" i guess :) .By the way Cpt. Richard...awesome blog you´ve got there.Grats :)

Neilpferd disse...

Hi Chaps,

Yes that’s a D3. I’ve got the Dark Green NAF dice treated in the same way as the latest ones now (white inlay) so they’ve been moved up to rejoin their brethren ;D)

I did have the purple ones also but I gave them away to a friend who didn’t own any block dice back before I knew they’d become so collectable!

We’ve made a couple of minor changes to the box also covering it in waterproofing sticky protective plastic and using four metallic studs to make it more robust. What you also can’t see on the pictures is the lovely red velvet base on the inside of the box.

Finally I’ve found my second NABBO die again since the pics were taken so that too has, of course, been restored to centre stage……

Easy disse...

Wow nice collection

Axtklinge disse...

"(...)Finally I’ve found my second NABBO die again since the pics were taken so that too has, of course, been restored to centre stage…(...)"

You'd better!!!