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sábado, 17 de maio de 2014

New NAF gift presented in the NAF Championship!

 Here´s a pic of the new NAF subscription gift, as presented in the NAF Championship taking place this weekend.
 The other side says "FAME +1".

   (Picture as shown in NAF official twitter account, @OfficialNAF)

5 comentários:

connexion disse...

Surely more colourful than last year's offering.

Paul O'G disse...

These were designed by one of the guys in my league, Andrew. He is very talented and makes excellent swag for all sorts of events. I understand he is now the official NAF swag guy!

Paul O'G disse...

Sorry, his name is Richard. Great guy

Axtklinge disse...

The Fame counter does look nice and shiny. :)
The only thing that makes me a bit picky on that 'gift' it's the dice being printed (instead of engraved).
But that's a detail, I suppose.

Neilpferd disse...

They are printed but they look great in real life, much better than in the picture. They seem to be very hard wearing too. The FAME thingy is excellent.