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quinta-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2013

Welcome John...

...yeah,welcome buddy.

John (Bound for Glory in TFF) send me an email yesterday asking if he could contribute to the blog and,since im almost inactive these days i thought "hey...fresh blood is always good" so,hes now part of the crew  :)

Like he said,hes been playing BB since the 1st edition so,what could possible go wrong  :P

As for personal news,i have a flight scheduled to Switzerland...March 19th so,if everything goes as planned,ill be "offline" for quite a long just telling you this in case i dont reply to emails or messages...dont worry because im not mad at know i love you all  :)

Anyway,its going to suck big time because i wont be able to take my family with me,but...i dont really want too think to much about that....i rather think that,if i get a job over there and if i can make some money,in the future,ill be able to buy a normal,humidity free house where i can build my man cave for me,my son and buddies  ;) just a big child ain´t i? LOLOL

And thats about it  :)

Welcome John

Cheers all

5 comentários:

Axtklinge disse...

Welcome aboard John!
Looking forward to read your first post!

Tristan M disse...

Welcome to the club!

Alexander Man disse...

You have a great blog here! I´m a big fan of blood bowl, and I´m planning to throw in a league in near future for my friends... Lots of inspiration on this blog. Thnx for this! And good luck with that house and the man-cave...

AbraxiS disse...

Thanks Alexander...i blame the other guys of the MMN crew for the blog success :)

Paul O'G disse...

Welcome to the Team John!