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domingo, 10 de fevereiro de 2013

Blood Bowl Challenges!

If you're a fan of Blood Bowl, chances are by now you already know the Blood Bowl Tactics site, by Coach (yes, the same 'Coach' from TFF). In there you can find TONS of useful info about Blood Bowl teams (from starting rosters, to each particular positional), insights about the skills, and a very nice forum to chat about every doubt you might have about the game, tournaments, ...

This week, by the hands of a new writer nicked as - Skip Tasteless -, they have started a series of challenges that are a absolute must for every game fan, and a fantastic way to keep you brain busy while you wait for your next league match! Have a go at them over here: Blood Bowl Challenges!
And since you're there, how about leaving some feedback about it? I'm sure they'll like to know they're being appreciated!

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