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sexta-feira, 30 de março de 2012

Horned gobbo plus a very special project...

...thats right...more gobbo pics for the contest.

Here´s Lerchey...this handsome beastgobbo :)

I just love those horns...which will give him +2ST when it wont but,since they´re so cool and "ram-y",i think it should :)

Also,the mullet and the hoof really gives him alot of personality...this is what i call a manly hoof...not that "roadkill-like" mullet that those damned 2ed elves use...LOLOL

And now...the very special project.

Scott and Wakelynn´s own gobbos.

Yes,Scott is fatfinley from the Both Down crew and Wakelynn is his beautiful daughter.

This is why this project was special...for me,seeing dad and daughter having fun painting some figs is the best reward i could get :)

Here´s both gobbos


And Scott

And for those of you who dont believe that a 5 year old girl (i guess she´s 5,but correct me if im wrong) can actually like painting green,smelly,little goblins,heres the proof you need :P

Mission (almost) accomplished...YEAH :P

In a word...AWESOME.

3 comentários:

Tristan M disse...

as I mentioned on TFF, love that beastly gobbo!!

Great job Scott & Wakelynn on the goblins, and some quality father/daughter time.

fatfinley disse...

Thanks guys it was a blast to do this together. I would say she painted most of the goblin herself. I did some touch up, as she had problems getting into the tiny areas. I mean she got in but then paint on other parts of the gobbo. She did all the base colors, even did the two different greens on the gobbo. She also inked the shoes. I did the eyes, inks on the body and of course the basing. It was awesome. Thanks for this.

Mike Howell disse...

That's fantastic! I did this with my kids as well.... they did the base colors and then I gave the model "the dip" (minwax antique walnut.) They always loved the way the model looked afterward, especially the shine.

She looks so pleased with herself, too! Makes a dad proud. Tell her "Great job!" from me.