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sexta-feira, 28 de junho de 2013

NAF site new look!

 For those out there who don't get the NAF newsletter (and why don't you?), or have been too busy to check all the Blood Bowl news in there, we'll just let you know that the NAF site has changed!

With this changes, even if you're not a member (just yet), you can still check all the news in the front page (including tournament announcements, and lots of other interesting BB related stuff)!
Also, you can catch up with all Blood Bowl fan based variants (BB Sevens, Street Bowl, ...), or even take a peek at the long list of resources (suppliers, forums, playbooks, ...), were you'll probably find everything you might ever need to put you team together, get them a "pro" side line crew, and learn the tactics to turn you into a successful coach!

Why don't you check it for your self in this link right here!

Of course 'old timers' (aka members), still get their private lounge, in the appropriately named "members area", to mingle and politely - most of the times at least - discuss members stuff !
Want to get in there too? Here's how to... Join the NAF!

Thumbs up to the NAF crew involved in this change for a very nice job!

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