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sábado, 5 de novembro de 2011

blingtoof undead/goblin roster

Here's my roster for the blingtoof tournament starting tomorrow at meeplemart.  Am pretty set on my plan but any tips for massive fouling is much appreciated! I even setup my printed roster with lots of space to track my fouling points!

mummy w leader
wight w tackle
3x ghoul
2x zombie
2x skeleton w dirty player
goblin w sneaky git
goblin w fan favourite
2x reroll

You read that right, 15 players! I am going all out for the fouling award, we are talking aiming for 80 turns of fouls over 5 games. Definitely expect to have some players ejected. I have the one cheap bribe (50K) available to sanctioned teams and decided to use the double for leader on a mummy.

  • Going to start w fan favourite goblin on the pitch.  
  • Attempt to sneak on the vanilla gobbo sometime around turn 5-8.
  • Have 1 skel with dirty player on, save the other for when he gets ejected.
  • So hopefully late game I still have a dirty player and if I suffer bad ejections will have the gobbo with sneaky git.

Looking for advice regarding whether I play the vanilla skel or 3rd ghoul from the start? Thoughts??

Expect some live tweets tomorrow.  Probably less than normal as time at the store is very tight, probably just every foul that results in something (could hopefully be lots of tweets - lol)

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2 comentários:

Axtklinge disse...

I've never tried that rules format before so I'm not sure if my tips would be of any help, STILL (as we all have opinions on virtually anything) I'd say start with the skelly but keep him safe.
I mean use it for what it's for, but dont over expose him, because your opponent will probably be on his toes while he's on the pitch.

Tristan M disse...

I actually found it was best to have both on the pitch, so that even as the first gets ejected the second is available. There were times I didn't want to score, and didn't have a DP on the pitch.

In general I wiped the other teams off the board so quick they couldn't really focus on getting my DP off the pitch.