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sexta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2011

NAF World Cup

The NAF World Cup is running in Amsterdam as I write this down.
They have put together a web site where we can check the results in each round, and keep track of the players and team rankings.
A bunch of pic's of the event will eventually be posted there too.

Check them out over here NAF World Cup, or just click on the logo.

Its a pity they dont have web cams too so we could take a peek in the games and learn something!

4 comentários:

AbraxiS disse...

The portuguese team Goleadores is playing ok :)

Anónimo disse...

Thanks for following us.
May be someday, we will play together. I hope so.

AbraxiS disse...

We do follow you Gabriel...we did a post with some pics you´ve sended some years ago.Also,if you have something to say about the World Cup,please send pics and texts to our mail so we can post it ;)


Axtklinge disse...

Hi Gabriel!
Goleadores did quite well IMHO, 22nd place over 80 teams it's a really cool place to be!
Congrats to all the team!

By the way, picking up Abraxis idea, wouldn't you be interested in making a small article about your gamming group (spiced with pics and all)?
We would be delighted to hear how/where you "Goleadores" get together and have your fights...errr I mean games of Blood Bowl!

Oh, and please let us know whenever you come to Porto again, so we can meet for a game or two!