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segunda-feira, 14 de novembro de 2011

Huge Non-BloodBowl related post...

*WARNING-If you dont like Raw Black better jump to another post :P *

A couple of months ago,i was wandering through Youtube and decided to search for WAR BLASPHEMY...wich was a one-man-band that i´ve decided to create around 1999.

Well,the results came back a couple of audio videos with some songs i´ve made :) Cool :P´s a little 12 years old bio:

"WAR BLASPHEMY, was created in 2000,it was supposed to be one demon project,I was influenced by the deeds of Black Sabbath, Darkthrone, Venom, Desaster, Slayer, etc..., but since i couldn?t play drums,the project had to sleep until the end of 2001,at that time i was playing in a black metal band named Epping Forest were i meet Thormenthor(drummer)...i talked with him about the project and showed him some musics...he liked,so we proceded to record the first demo"For the Glory of the Unpure"...and what an adventure it was(remember the recording of the drums at 7.30/8.00 in the morning...).This demo camed out through Hell War Prod in 2002 and got a good sold out fast at the label(and i only have the last 50 of the 666 copies). After,i start thinking in new material...the result was "The Prophecy of the Apocalypse",a 2 song+ intro Ep...or at least it was intended to be,because the running time was too much for a 7" and to less for a tape or cd,so i released it myself on my label WaraxiS Prod.,it was released in Dvd Boxes with professional covers...but was limited only to 20 copies,so,only the close ones got a copie of it.The response to this CdR-Ep was great but small due to the short number of copies...maybe it will be re-released on a split tape(with Thy Black Blood?????) by War Prod.(i hope so). By this time,a split 7" with Inner Helvete was planed,it should be released by Total Holocaust Rec. from Sweden,but it didnt turn that way.The songs were recorded,the covers were made,but at the last minute,Total Holocaust stoped releasing vinyl...if there are some label interested in releasing that piece of blasphemy,please contact Total Holocaust,because i think that they even pressed the covers,so its less work to do. This was in 2003. Meanwile,i had to left Epping Forest due to lack of time,but one thing was certain,i was not going to end War Blasphemy.I started to compose new material...this time the songs were much shorter but straight to the point,the sound becomed more raw and closer to the old death/black ala Beherit.I played all instruments this time,and for the last time,it was not because i had problems with Thormenthor,i was just because we didnt have the same free time,and that way we couldn?t gather to record the fucking songs. This time i had the help of Impius from Inner Helvete...he created all the intros and mixed the songs,adding sometimes some explosions to it...(the previous releases were all mixed by MysticcosmoS...thanks mate). This songs became the first War Blasphemy album...if you can call it that...because it have 11 songs,but only 20 min. +/- of running time..but anyway,some of the Metal masterpieces have less more than 20 min. So,stop complaining about the short running time i´ll do a Black Metal opera or something with just one conceptual song with the running time of 70 min. or so...hahahaha. This new blasphemy is called "Satanic Armageddon" and was supposed to be released in the end of 2004 through Hell War Prod. and WaraxiS Prod. in tape format,but there was some delays,so it will be released only in 2005(and dont ask me when...). I am looking also to release it in vinyl format,and it will have the CdR-Ep as bonus,so,once more,if anyone is interested,just contact me. Anyway,there are 3 songs recorded at the moment(a cover,a new one and a re-recorded) and Thormenthor is the drummer( was the shortest recording session i had ever seen...1,2,3...first take...good enough??...well,good bye then...HAHAHA). War Blasphemy never played any concert...but maybe in a near future,things can change...and for that i only need some guy who wants to play bass,and he must have a big house with a steady rehersal place,and lots of money to spend in the promotion of War Blasphemy.... And i think this is all...if something important happens in the mean time,it will be added in the news...


And now,the vids:

And thats it...i havent slept for 29 hours now and i didnt have any idea for a post so,there you have it...a full professional sausage stuffing post lolol.

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Axtklinge disse...

É o fim do mundo em cuecas!

I was certainly more influenced by Carcass, Napalm Death, Sinister, Death, Slayer (of course), but hell yeah, those were the days!