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quinta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2011

What can you do... a situation like this one??!!!


3 comentários:

Tristan M disse...

lol what team is that? ogres? chaos?
that sucks dude. hopefully we get our game soon so you can thrash me like in WC3

AbraxiS disse...

My team was Lizzard´s...the red ones...dear Nuffle...lolol.

"thrash you like in WC3"!!???...lololol...I wish...lolol.


Axtklinge disse...

That's not a pretty sight.
But hey, heads up, after all those pesky Chaos Dwarf (and Dwarves in general) are 'built-in' for dodger-hunt (Tackle, tackle, tackle,...).
So dont feel bad if your skink's had a hard time!