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segunda-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2013

So many bb/ff figures, so few dollars...

My favorite part of Blood Bowl is the miniatures. 
I remember when first ed. came out, I said to a friend, we should look for figures we can convert to this game, so we did. Most of these early attempts at replacing the card stand-ups with miniatures are (thankfully) long gone, but I still have the converted minotaur, Blight Headsmasher, and King Tough, a mummy, and a few more.
  At last count, I have 1209 blood bowl/fantasy football figures. I collect just about everything. The only thing I don't buy is side line staff (coaches, cheerleaders, apothecaries). I do buy ref figures, and I’m hoping someone makes some rules for them.
  As I’m commish of a big league, I am always ready to loan out a team. The only request I make to the borrower, is paint the team, if its one of my many unpainted teams. If the borrower isn’t a painter, I’ll ask what color he wants the team, and I paint it (I’m not the fastest painter, but I’ll get it done in a week or so).
 As my collection is getting bigger by the week (I sometimes buy figures every week, sometimes just one figure, sometimes a full team) I have cut down on some things.
  I won't buy another Amazon team no more females, period. Big titties are nice in real life, but I’ve had it with bb figures. As I have about 50 big guys, I have to cut them off as well. Well, maybe not big guys, but...

  I’m also the dice guy in our club (the Thursday Night Heroes), as I have about 50 block dice. GW doesn’t sell cheap block dice anymore (they had them for 50 cents each for the longest time but now, they are sold out). In fact, my block dice collection was almost at 100, but I sold 50 to some club in Canada, this was BEFORE I knew GW USA had run out of the white block dice. All I ask is they are returned after game day (Saturday, tho with a club named Thursday Night Heroes, you'd think we played on Thursday night, right? More on the heroes later).
  We've been a game club since 1984. We are mostly a miniature wargames club, but we play blood bowl twice a year. We play a very modified 3rd ed. we make a team, and retire the team after the season. This way, we don't have to bother with high tv vs low tv. everybody starts their team at the same tv.
  The most important rule rules our league. Everybody is there to have a good time. I think a lot of people forget this. We've had to ask certain people to not play in our league. Sad but true.
  But its a good time league, and if that’s important to you, you are welcome to look us up.

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Axtklinge disse...

Wow! That's a lot of BB miniature and dice!!
You really should show us some pics of those special minis you mentioned.
And teams too, of course!
Oh, and if they have stories behind them (like winning games, have performed some amazing play, or else), please let us know.
I'm sure we'll all relate and possibly even have similar stories to share!

Congrats for your first post!