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terça-feira, 13 de outubro de 2009

Feudball-nova preview...

E ca ficamos com mais uma preview do livro Feudball...ja nao me lembro muito bem se vos tinha avisado que a preview #10 ja tinha nao avisei...sorry...é do trabalho ;)

- Preview #10-Tryouts

De qualquer maneira,o post de hoje é para vos avisar que ja esta ca fora a preview #11 "The crow and eyeball"...aqui fica um resumo:

"With a small delay, the draft sample of chapter 11 is now up and available to read.
This is the first full 'match' of Feudball in the book, however from here on in there is at least one full match every second chapter, or, more often, every chapter.
As I've already mentioned below - up until now has been a lot of 'scene setting' but that's all done now and here on in it's games, games, games of Biff, Brutality and Bad-ass plays. Enjoy.

Quote to get you to be bothered to download the sample chapter:

The field, thankfully, was mostly green, but the grass was short and a bit rough, with clumps of turf casually strewn about the field and what appeared to be lumps of cow dung. To his left, Alex noticed an ancient scoreboard, with an attendant in an old chair, sipping a mug of ale. A scruffy looking, brown-haired dog sat beside him. "So, is this the grass roots level?" Alex asked, strolling up to stand beside the veteran. They both slowly scanned the rest of the stadium, if it could be called that. There was a food tent preparing hot snacks for the handful of early spectators, and a beer tent that was beginning to do a steady trade. A trio of chubby match officials were enjoying some of the local hospitality before the game. Alex felt all three of them were old enough to be his grandfather and they looked like they would have trouble managing a fast walk. Gordon sighed, "Yes, the local league. Most of the teams at this level are sponsored by local pubs and hotels, hence their names. The teams themselves are mostly made up of young hopefuls, retiring veterans and never-have-beens." "Any wise words of wisdom to impart?" Gordon grinned. "Don't get killed. Nobody will remember you if you die on a cow paddock. Come on, let's go warm up." "

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