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sexta-feira, 16 de outubro de 2009

Resultados da eleições da NAF...

Ora eleições acabaram,e o resultado foi:

215 votos para o Lycos contra os 190 votos do Lucifer,assim sendo o nosso amigo Dave vai continuar por mais 2 anos a frente da NAF.

Desde ja os nossos parabens ao Dave e ao Geoff.

Ficamos agora com algumas palavras de ambos:

"I would like to say thank you to all those who voted for either of us and acknowledge the campaign that Geoff has put in for what was another close contest.
Indeed there is much to be learned from others going forwards. The work starts now of course. Since the tied election there has been a number of appointments and actions put on hold as it was only sensible to have the Presidential election resolved first. There are a number of very imminent things to tackle.


"Congratulations to Dave on winning the election, and a special thanks to t'other Dave for his work in organising it.
I'd like to thank every one of the members who supported and voted for me during the last 4 months - sincerely it means a lot to me. Whilst it may be a loss at the polls, it's a big win for demonstrating that there is a real desire from many members for some significant improvements.
I sincerely hope that the new ideas I've put forwards, starting with more regular updates on what's happening, can be brought in so that we (the ordinary members) also get to know what's going on.
Many thanks to all who took the time to vote, and the very best of luck to Dave for the future.

Geoff P aka Lucifer"

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