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quinta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2009

Problemas tecnicos...


Ja sei que me estou a baldar ao trabalho,mas tenho tido uns problemas com a net(pelos vistos se nao a pagar,eles cortam-na....loool),mas nao tenho estado parado...andei aqui com o Axtklinge a preparar a entrevista com o....errrr....ah...quase que me descaia...depois ja vao poder ler ;)

Ate la,vao dando uma vista de olhos aqui:

"Attached please find all the documents associated with the 2008 BBRC Rules Review for Blood Bowl.
2008 Rules Review: low res (5meg):
high res (16meg):

New Teams (BBRC Endorsed and NAF ranked ... not officially part of the published Rules Review):
LRB 5.0 document:
LRB 6.0 document: ===============================================================
Please note the items in red are all experimental which means they are NOT YET official. They will be tested for a period of 1 YEAR. At the end of this one year period, the BBRC will meet one more time to finalize the LRB 6.0 which per Jervis Johnson will be the last changes to the Blood Bowl rulebook for some time to come.


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