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quinta-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2012

NNAAAAHHH...i dont think so...

...the truth is...i cant escape my painting skill roots....and,im not trying anymore.

I tried painting differently from what im used to in Tristan´s Harlequim (the red one on the far right) and now,i was trying the same with these 2ed Dungeon Bowl elves...

As you can see,the first (big) mistake what the hell i was thinking in??!!!The paint doesnt stick,thus,making me paint the same thing twice...and i HATE to paint.

Second,i decided to paint them in other colours other than Black and Gold...big mistake also,because,not only im not used to do so,the minis are...huummm...a little cheap in details im gonna buy another black spray can and,tomorrow,they are gonna have another uniform...main colour will be black with a little gold for the shoulder pad.Then,the hair colour will match the base colour.Dont know about the Treeman thought...i bought one from Arthur Inkpen,and im waiting for him,but i guess he will be brown with a helmet or shoulder pad or whatever in black/gold.

Now,about the goblins...I was kind of sad for not be "playing" in this MMN mercenary goblin team (yes,the names of the players will be the names of the ones that painted them)so,i´ve decided to enter the contest,and,i´ve "converted" one little green skin (i still dont know if he´s gonna be a normal gobbo or a big hand gobbo...i guess he can be both since the hand is not that big).Here´s AbraxiS...

He´s a response to the one that Tristan made .He also haves the BIG and spiky shoulder pad,a pony tail and a suspicious big hand (goblins do love a big right hand...some of them are blind nowadays,but they still love that hand)...LOL

The colours that im gonna use to paint him are...surprise, and black (see what i´ve did here...i´ve changed the order of the,thats the pattern required to paint them in order to enter the contest.

And to end this post...heres a paper Drop Pod i´ve made a couple of years ago for my Black Templars (i never did a BT army by the way...i´ve discovered Blood Bowl...lolol).I was letting him stay in his original form so people (when i say people,i mean my wife and kids and Axtklinge...those are the only ones who have saw it in real life) could see that he was really from paper and that it took me like 1000000 layers of it to built the damn thing.

But Axt told me to paint it so,im finally going to do it...not only because of Axt,but also because im noticing some kind of mold growing on the paper...and because of that,i have to protect my "piece of art".

I just wanted to take some pictures of it and show you guys how the drop pod was before the paint thinking about painting him black....and maybe...silver...LOLOLOL.

3 comentários:

Tristan M disse...

dude, love the gobbo - I will have to do something special to mine or maybe use a night goblin archer for the chainsaw guy.

great idea about player names!

and man - that paper drop pod is AMAZING... I made one a long time ago, but it sucked - ESPECIALLY compared to yours. Much less detail and I tried using foamcore to give it more density. Your's is absolutely amazing, am looking forward to seeing it painted. It's absolutely fantastic. Are you going to paint it like BT?

Axtklinge disse...

Don't you let the dark powers win you over! (Again)
Don't give up on the cheerful white elves just yet! Give 'em one more try, but do the things right this time: Wash them in warm water and soap (off with grease), and after they're dry give 'em white undercoat.
You CAN do it!
It's only fitting that you have a go with those green dudes too!
Welcome aboard in the "Gobbo Train"!
That drop box is an insane's men job.
It is amazingly detailed, and build from endless sheets of cardboard. It's an incredible piece of work, even more when you don't even have a 40K Space Marine army.
IF only you'd managed to channel all that patience and perseverance into painting elves in WHITE...

Tristan M disse...

If you want, you could paint the DP as Crimson Fists instead and donate it to me ;) :P

Or any number of Space Marine chapters I own ;) ;)