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terça-feira, 29 de setembro de 2009

Chaos BloodBowl Teams...

Como todos sabem,ando aqui entusiasmado a fazer uma equipa de Chaos,e,numa das minhas pesquisas sobre o assunto,encontrei este artigo...

By David Kay
Originally presented in Citadel Journal #29 and Blood Bowl Compendium #2
Copyright Games Workshop Ltd. 1999

With the release of the new Realms of Chaos book, the ‘mixed’ Chaos Blood Bowl team doesn’t seem quite right anymore (well, not to me, anyway!), so I’ve come up with two separate team lists, one for the Beastmen and one for the Chaos Warriors.

Beastman Teams

From the deep forests and rocky crags of the Old World, the Beastmen gather. Sometimes they gather to play Blood Bowl. They’re quite good at it, too. Gors form the bulk of the team whilst the elite Bestigor take on the roles of the Blitzers. Young Ungor are used as Runners, and often-huge Minotaurs join in the fun for the prospect of a good meal – usually the other team!

Note from the original article had the Minotaur as 6/4/3/9, this is just a way out there misprint (especially since David Kay said in his article that the Minotaur is a standard BB minotaur). I now return you to the original article.

Reroll: 60,000

Apothecaries/Wizards/Cheerleaders/Assistant Coaches: Same cost as for other teams.

Note that Minotaurs are from Jervis’ ‘Big Guys’ article (and follow those rules). Well, if it ain’t broke…

Beastmen may take Physical Abilities (Mutations) on the roll of a double for a skill.

Chaos Warrior Teams

Chaos Marauders, like their Norse cousins, are fanatical players of Blood Bowl. Every tribe has at least one team, and there are many local leagues and competitions. It is the Chaos Warriors who play in the wider leagues, and they take the best players from the tribes to aid them on the field. The Warriors keep order amongst their players, who are often from rival tribes, by reminding them that they are all playing for the greater glory of Chaos (and if that tails, by a sound kicking!). The Ogres of Norsca often join these teams, as well, because the pay and food are good, as is the violence!

Every Chaos Warrior team must have at least one Chaos Warrior on the team roster at all times. If there are no Chaos Warriors on the roster, you must buy one as soon as possible. Whilst playing, if there are no Chaos Warriors on the pitch, all Marauders play at -1 MA and -1 AG (to a minimum of 1) to represent the ill discipline that creeps in without the steadying influence of a Chaos Warrior.


Reroll: 70,000

Apothecaries/Wizards/Cheerleaders/Assistant Coaches: Same cost as for other teams.

Note that Ogres are from Jervis’ ‘Big Guys’ article (and follow those rules).

Chaos Warrior teams may take Physical Abilities (Mutations) on the roll of a double for a skill.

Marauder *Special* Skill

As the Marauders in the team have come from many different tribes, they could have any number of different skills, depending on their training. To represent this, after you have purchased a new Marauder, roll a D6 on the following table, to see which skill he has:

Chaos Marauders can choose from General skills only. However, any Marauder who starts with Dodge or Catch may also choose from Agility skills. One that starts with Pass may also choose from Passing skills.

So, What About Daemons?

Well, if you want to form a daemonic team, good luck! The rules for the daemons are contained in Andrew Hall’s excellent ‘He Plays Like A Daemon!’ article. Just remember you can only have daemons from one Chaos God on each team. To give yourself a choice, you might like to add Chaos Spawn to the list:

Roll a D6 each time you want to move a Chaos Spawn to see how many squares it may move this turn. Chaos Spawn can never ‘Go For It’ and cannot take the Sprint skill. Happy now? Good!

Conversion Ideas

How do you represent these new team members? Well, simply plunder the existing Warhammer range of miniatures for the ones you are looking for. Snip any weapons off, and they’ll be fine for the Blood Bowl field! The existing Chaos team boxed sets have a good selection of miniatures for both the Chaos Warriors and the Beastmen; so don’t forget to use these! The more different types of miniatures you have in your team, the more ‘chaotic’ it will look.

Using the new Chaos Teams

The teams were tried out against each other and also against Humans, Orcs, Undead, Wood Elf, and Dark Elf teams. Overall, the new Chaos teams fared well and my opposing players never felt that an inherently superior team was overpowering them. The Beastmen proved to be very efficient at getting the ball, but without any Ungor were absolutely useless at getting it anywhere. Most people considered the Minotaurs more a liability than a strength! Bestigor blitzers backed up by Gors and especially the Ungors made a winning combination.

Dice rolls being what they were (especially mine!) Chaos Warrior team tactics often had to depend upon the spread of skills that were possessed by the Marauders. If there were plenty of Block skills rolled, it became a hard hitting team, whilst a combination of Catch and Pass altered the team’s strengths dramatically and therefore changed the entire feel of play. My mates particularly enjoyed the random, chaotic feel of this team. No one played any less than three Chaos Warriors in their teams just to safeguard against the effectiveness of their Marauders slipping should all the Chaos Warriors be killed or injured. With the variety of skills provided by the Marauders and after just a few games by the Chaos Warriors, no one bothered fielding any Ogres although the option is always there.

Here are a couple of sample teams that I used during my playtesting:

Beastman Team
2 Bestigor 220,000
7 Gors 420,000
1 Ungor 60,000
1 Minotaur 110,000
2 Rerolls 120,000
1 Apothecary 50,000
2 Fan Factor 20,000

Chaos Warrior Team
4 Chaos Warriors 400,000
7 Marauders 420,000
(3 with Catch, 2 with Sure Hands, 1 with Block, and 1 with Pass)
2 Rerolls 140,000
4 Fan Factor 40,000


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Axtklinge disse...

Aí esta um artigo interessante.
E uma vez que so poderia funcionar como "house rule" porque nao levar a coisa um bocado mais longe, e criar regras pra equipas devotas de cada um dos deuses de caos?
Se ja ha "undivided" e Nurgle, o precedente ja esta criado...
Quem sabe um dia ainda fazemos uma liga exclusivamente com equipas de Caos?
É so uma ideia.