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sexta-feira, 11 de setembro de 2009

Eurobowl 2009 News

Para quem anda a seguir o Eurobowl,aqui ficam mais algumas novidades sobre as equipas ja inscritas.
Se tudo correr bem,vamos tambem ter aqui a report do torneio feito por um dos membros da selecçao Portuguesa...more to come.

"-Italy, England, Portugal, France, Belgium and Austria: paid and registered
-Scotland: paid. In 2 days (the time that banks need to complete international payments) they will be registered
-Germany: I think they are ready to pay. I have to tell Kithor an information he asked for, so they'll complete the payment
-Austria: I think that they'll complete the payment in a few days
-Spain, Denmark and Switzerland: they're coming for sure, but no news yet
-Hungary: no news yet... I'm waiting... Holland: I'm keeping my fingers crossed..."

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