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quinta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2009

TackleZone Radio-Novos Episodios

Hoje vao ter 2 updates,e quem sabe se nao vem mais alguma coisita...

So para dizer que a Tackle Zone Radio pos ca fora mais 2 episodios novos...

Preview do episodio #3:

"In this episode Shawn talks…a lot. Like seriously. Matt edited out a full 20 minutes of other stuff and the show STILL reached the 1 hour 30 mins mark. But it’s content rich. It’s bucking the economic crisis. And that content was:

Cheating in the Blood Bowl Video Game by Cyanide Studios. Conclusion: Cheaters = squeezers. Whatever that means. Must be some sort of Canadian thing.

Brilliant Coaching -The LRB 6.0 New Rules and Rule Changes. Result: The new experimental rules are awesome and really streamline the game.

Roster Dissection – Slann. The End is Nigh… The Old Ones are HERE!!!"

Preview do episodio #4:

"In this episode Shawn and Matt are joined by Nathan (aka GreedySmurf) from their local league to talk about running tournaments. It was a more casual, discussion based show this time around and you might hear the opening of beers throughout. So join the gang as they shoot the breeze about tournaments and Blood Bowl

Tournaments – Different ways of running tournaments. Important things to remember and do. Thoughts on prize support. The importance of NAF."

Se quiserem fazer o download,basta clicarem nos links abaixo:

-TZR #3
-TZR #4

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