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sexta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2011

FF Fields - Blood Bowl custom-made fields

FF Fields make custom Blood Bowl fields (and fields for other variants of the game such as Street Bowl), where you can "show off" the logo of your team or other elements you see fit.
According to them, "there are no impossible requests" as far as the customization goes, so go nuts, drop them an email and turn all your opponents green with jealousy.
Except perhaps Orc players, as they already are green.
And Goblin, they tend to be green too.
Aaaaaaand maybe a few species of Slann or Lizzies...
Anyway, they come in a couple of different formats -hard material that can be divided/folded and in printed PVC rolled up -, so you can choose the format that suits better your storage place.
I haven't played them yet, so I really cant comment on the durability but they sure look cool!

Check them out at:

3 comentários:

Tristan M disse...

We will be playing on fields made by these guys at the Chaos Cup. Unfortunately I am pretty sure I will not get the opportunity to purchase one as there are many people pre-registered before me and they all get first dibs. Main Guy (of Zlurpcast fame) went with the folding/divided fields.

Check out the forum thread here.

Here's the pic.

AbraxiS disse...

Awsome fields...i do like the PVC ones,especially that lava-looking one...Great.

Axtklinge disse...

They do look great, and the possibility of customization is a BIG +, imo.
According to some TFF members they (the foldable ones) are very high quality (graphics wise), and seem very resistant to "game wear".
Of course all that comes with a price tag.