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quarta-feira, 28 de setembro de 2011

"Thoughts from the Underworld"

Here you have another awsome Blood Bowl game report done by Wapcaplets

Check it out here: Warpstone Cup 2011: Thoughts from the Underworld

Edit:Thanks Tristan for pointing that was early in the morning,no coffee...lots of chaos...i was reading the title Warpstone,the only message that arrived my brain was: Chaos,Coffee,Cup,Cake,Bath....i then choosed the words wich could relate to the blog,and tried to make a post with them....big fail...lollolol.Cheers

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Tristan M disse...

I think you mean more blood bowl ;)

Tristan M disse...

LOL, hey have you seen the tournament wapcaplets is planning to run in November? I plan to attend and will do some live tweeting again. - yea that's right, Undead with Goblins!!!