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quarta-feira, 14 de setembro de 2011

Final Roster for Chaos Cup 2011

My final roster for Chaos Cup only has 1 change from my initial posting (I had to go with two guard, dirty player is just too situational and having four ghouls is better than three!). The change is on a Wight, I removed Mighty Blow and added Frenzy - I hope to use this in two ways.  First and most important, it will scare my opponents from leaving players even a square away from the sidelines instead of only right next to the sidelines.  This should help me to keep my Mummies involved in the play as it "reduces" the width of the field.  Secondly it does mean that if they make a mistake and stray too close to the sidelines I should be able to blitz them into the crowd, hehehe.

Mummy w Block / Mummy w Piling On
Wight w Guard / Wight w Frenzy
Ghoul w Block / Ghoul w Leader / Ghoul w Sure Hands / Ghoul w Wrestle
Zombie w Guard / Zombie / Zombie
1 Reroll

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1 comentário:

Axtklinge disse...

That change may actually be more useful to the team than MB, for the reasons you mentioned.

On the other hand, it wont help you as much with the Casualty's, and you were aiming for the "Most Violent Team" right?
If you do stick with Frenzy, plan well your blocks/blitzes because the 2nd blocks sometimes leave the Frenzy player in a lot of trouble.