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sexta-feira, 2 de setembro de 2011

My little BB want list...

...well,not so little.

Here we go:

Chaos Team (Khorne)
-2 Beastmen
-4 Bloodletters (as Chaos Warriors)
-1 Minotaur (maybe a Daemon Prince)

-1 Deathroller

Elf (The Galadrieth Gladiators)
-1 Thrower
-3 Lineman

-1 Troll

Human (plastic ones from the Starter set)
-2 Blitzers
-1 Catcher
-4 Lineman

-1 Ghoul
-5 Zombies

-1 Gutter Runner (or the front foot of the fig)
-1 Thrower
-4 Lineman

Human (These ones)
-1 Blitzer
-1 Catcher
-1 Thrower
-3 Lineman

-4 Vampires
-11 Thralls
(lololol...i only have a booster with 3 Thralls ;) )

And thats about it...also,i have here(for trade or not) 4 Edar Hemlocks Destroyer´s in the blisters from Battlefleet Gothic,1 Necromunda Cawdor gang+booster...some BB plastic Orcs from the starter set...enough to make a team...and...hummm...i dont remember anything else.

If i find more stuff to trade,ill update this post :)


2 comentários:

Tristan M disse...

hey dude one of my buddies was looking for cawdor stuff, i'll check with him.

AbraxiS disse...

Hey Trist,how are you?Axt got the minis,so ill be painting mine on my vacations ;). You can check the Cawdor stuff here: