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quinta-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2012

Creepy N´Deads...

...yeah...i know it sounds like a cereal brand or something but no... :)

So,here you have it,Creepy N´Deads,another "finished" team...i will try to get 2 more Ghouls,but,apart from that,this is it.

I guess i´ve covered pretty well all the options for this team.I´ve got the Zombies if i need to get more meat on the LoS and i´ve got the Skellies if i need that extra square of movement (or someone to do some fouls :) ) so,i guess this one is done.

Next in line will probably be the plastic orcs from the starter box...

7 comentários:

Axtklinge disse...

Hell yeah!
Another team on the block!

Don't you loooove the feeling of a freshly painted team when you finish one?
Taking into account how you've been avoiding brushes for the past couple of years, I must congratulate you for the second painted team in a just little over a month!

They look cool, congrats!
By the way, we should arrange a game for you to show 'em off!

AbraxiS disse...

Yeah,it does feel good...and when you "hate" to paint like i do...well,it feels MEGA good.

As for the game...lets see if we can meet next week :P

Paul O'G disse...

Great team! I love this GW edition undead - in fact I'm just finishing one of myself!

Congrats on the additional to your collection, they look great!

Right Stuff Reilly disse...
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Right Stuff Reilly disse...

Nice! I love the warpaint on the zombies and the Red is an odd colour for Undead.

Tristan M disse...

They're looking good buddy!
Did you get my twitter DM? I have a couple mantic ghouls you are welcome to have - I need you to send me details about the "give you a goblin" team so I can get that started too, then I will include these too if you want them.

Axtklinge disse...

Nice point on the 'goblin give away' Tristan.
@Abraxis: Perhaps you should do a post (possibly with a full background fluff for the goblin team), with an open list for those who want to contribute to "The Cause".
It would be more or less like a MMN legacy team only we would know in advance you'd be their "legal guardian".
Kinda like LoTR 'Steward' (Denethor II), only its 'just' of a BB team instead of the entire Middle-Earth...