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domingo, 1 de janeiro de 2012

Merry New Year!

It's the first day of the new year!
In most cultures a new year means new beginnings, new hopes, and new resolves.
The chance to fix the wrongs, and plan for higher things...

Over here at Merry Mayhem News, I dont have the pretentiousness to aim that deep, therefore a "new year" will hopefully mean new miniatures, new games, and new fun stuff all together!
Kudos to us all if we achieve that!

With this new year spirit in mind it would be really cool to know "gaming wise", what would be your plans for this new year.

Do you want to paint a new Blood Bowl team? A new gang? A new army?
Please, let us know!

Is there a new game you've been dying to try out? Or an old gaming opponent you really want to beat?
By all means, let us know!

Is there a tournament or competition you wish to win, or just attend to?
Don't be shy, let us know!

Don't hold back, its the beginning of a new year, aim high and please share your plans and wishes with us all!

And please have a

5 comentários:

Paul O'G disse...

Me and the Lad have designs on two new teams each this year - he is after Slann and Norse, and I'm going to try my hand with Necro and Khemri. That's the plan at the moment anyway!

Paul O'G disse...

And of course we wish you and all MMN a great 2012 filled with lots of good times!

peter disse...

Happy New Year to you all and your family!


AbraxiS disse...

Well,im gonna try to paint at least one human team and built a Norse one. Then,ill try to get a job and socialize alot more with my buddies...hummm...ill probably try to socialize,then paint,then try to find a job...lolol.

Happy New Year :)

Axtklinge disse...

As far as new games go I am always in for a test-drive so that wouldn't really be a "new year's" resolution. Still I do have a couple things I plan on trying ('Legends of The High Seas' for instance), since I've already build a couple of ships for it...

As far as Blood Bowl goes, I have a few teams and star players (most with some kind of conversion), which I plan on painting.

And there's one other thing I'd like to do this year: to play a lot more games (Blood Bowl or whatever) both with Tristan and Abraxis (partners in crime here in MMN) as they are very cool and fun guys to play with!