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quarta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2012

Star Players... again!

Here we have two more Blood Bowl Star Players I've painted recently to use in the my Blood Bowl league, the NABBO League!

The first one is a conversion for 'Barik Farblast', based on a Dwarf from 'Dungeons & Dragons Chainmail' (a squad named Mordenguard) .
He already had a gun on his hands so it was fairly easy to add a ball and the should plates.
Anyway I'm not a big fan of 'passing game' with Dwarf teams but the fact that he's so cheap (game wise just 60.000gc), means that starting teams can make use of some of his skills, at least for a drive.

The second one is also a simple conversion for the Wilhelm Chaney Star Player, a 8 move and 4 strength werewolf, a handy addition to new Necromantic, Norse and Vampire teams.
It's a West Wind miniature from their Secrets of The Third Reich range.

Feel free to comment.

3 comentários:

AbraxiS disse...

I do like Barik...Those D&D fig´s are the led ones right?Because i have a ton of those plastic ones :P

Anyway,both figs are very cool as always :P

Paul O'G disse...

Nice figs! I too like the Westwind Werewolves, and also used one for my Wilhelm Chaney:

Paul O'G disse...

I also recently posted pics of my Chaos team, the Knights who say Ni: