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terça-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2012

#3 & #31

Aye caramba...

Im still sick.This flu is kicking my butt pretty good,and,because of that,my Dark Wood Elves are in stand by mode.

New episodes from Both Down and Zlurpcast are out...YEAHHH :)

In this episode, Steve and Scott go over how to make a team. Then they go over the Orclahoma Bowl and talk about tournaments in general.

There’s also 3 contests mentioned in the podcast! 3! Surely you want to enter at least 1 of them! So give it a listen and rock out with your Block out…

Links mentioned in Episode 3

Google Earth Style Warhammer Map
Seventh Sanctum Name Generators
Orclahoma Bowl Results
FF Fields Contest
Blood Bowl Mayhem “Give him a Goblin” Contest
Custom Sports Products
What the hell is a “Fluffernutter”
Definitely let us know what you think at either twitter (@BothDown) or by email at



Jonny P and Xtreme, the not-so-dynamic-duo are back, and G-Dub has been shown the door. Hopefully he’s gone for another year… or at least only accesible via phone making prank phone calls for Zlurpcast donations! The boys cover Frozzty Bowl, Seaside Slaughter, and Orclahoma Bowl in the Graveyard, and preview February Blood Bowl Tournmanets, Heroes Challenge, Rat City Rumble, and Bugman’s Bowl. Inside the Dugout this month talks in-depth with the winner of last year’s Best Guest Award, Chris “Wapcaplets” Engler. He discusses Blood Bowl, Wrestling, and Fat Albert…. what else right? Info is giving on FF-Fields Too Cool Team Contest and Abraxis’ Give Him a Gobbo Contest. Roger Ebert calls this episode a fun romp for the season.



And thats about it for now...let me just thank the guys from both podcast for talking about our gobbo contest (GHAG)and then,im off to bed again :)

Thank you (in no particular order)

JP,Xtreme,Steve and Scott

Hey guys,thank ya very much fo da support dat ya´re givin me and ta da blog.If someday da merry mayhem news blog conquer da world,ya´re da ones ta blame. - aww yea foo.


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