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quarta-feira, 29 de fevereiro de 2012

GHAG overdrive contest winners

Well didn't quite get the response I was hoping for, but we had six entries to the "overdrive" contest.
  1. Marco Preto
  2. Axtlinge
  3. Laughing Ferret
  4. Be4ch
  5. Mathias
  6. dokumitsukai
I used and got the following winners.
Prize 1: #6 dokumisukai wins...
spike limited edition 4 armed goblin

Prize 2: #5 Mathias wins...

a set of impact blood bowl dice (3 block dice + d8 + d16)

Prize 3: #1 Marco Preto wins...
an original blood bowl undead sketch/storyboard draft

Winners, please contact me -> natsirtdm [@] gmail [dott] com with your mailing address.

4 comentários:

Paul O'G disse...

That figs looks so kewl - Damn you "Always Hungry" hound!!!

Axtklinge disse...

This was fun!
Thank you, and congrats for coming up and sponsoring this 'overdrive contest' Tristan!
Don't know about you guys but this little initiatives (as in 'paint a goblin') tend to fuel my hobby momentum and get me to grab minis that had just been begging for ink in the shelves.
Thanks for that too!

AbraxiS disse...

Yeah...this was great.

Theres no way i can thank you enough for your efforts mate :)

Thanks brother ;)


Nazgob disse...

I failed horribly here :-(

Expect some cheer-leading for GHAG soon to make up for it.