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quinta-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2012

my GHAG entry (looney)... build phase complete

Never realized how hilarious the acronym for this contest is!

Well, since Paulo conveniently - ahem... "borrowed" my idea/miniature I was planning to convert into his looney - I decided I needed to try and figure out something else.  Unfortunately my problem was the only goblin models I had were old warhammer fantasy monopose figs.  The spearman being taken that left me with the night goblin archer, so I decided I could make the hand drawing the bow be actually pulling the chainsaw starter cord.
he does actually look like trying to start it
It worked out much much better than I anticipated!!  Other than the chainsword/saw conversion (I used pieces of plastic to give it a guard, as well as another piece as a handle and the bit of wire to act as the starter cord so it looks more like a tool than a space marine weapon) I gave him the nearly obligatory ridiculously massive shoulder pad and used a circular piece of sprue to give him a back number plate.  He will be the number 19 since that's my birthday.
another view that shows the chainsaw better
Hope this inspires someone!  If you haven't made up your mind about entering - this is how easy it is.  This whole conversion took less than an hour.  He's already got an undercoat of black paint on.  I'll have to think of some funny story for why this night goblin isn't the fanatic - maybe he's allergic to mushrooms?

p.s. This contest officially ZLURPCAST APPROVED!
p.p.s. Even though Jonny P clearly didn't understand the tournament.  For anyone confused - we are raffling off a print of my blood bowl painting - not the team itself.  Hope that was clear for everyone but MAIN(ly wrong) GUY. 

4 comentários:

Axtklinge disse...

Very nice!
Cant wait to see it painted!

AbraxiS disse...

Ohh...i love him already.And it really looks someone will get hurt with that...and im not necessarily talking abut the guys on the other team here :)

Me´s gonna love him long time.

Axtklinge disse...

That's just abourt right, and by the look on his face he doesn't have a clue that on a roll of "1" he's in for a lot of pain...

Tristan M disse...

The number will go on his back plate (not shown) - thinking maybe a MMN on the shoulderpad??

I could easily see him starting the chainsaw but pulling it towards himself with the cord by accident... ZZZZZzzzzz-AAAAARRRRRggghhhh....