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quarta-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2012

Ahoy there all...

How´s it going everyone?

Just want to do a quick update here explaining why i´ve been so quiet.

Well,long story short,on the 12th of February my dad suffered a stroke and went to the intensive care services.

So,as you can imagine,i was not felling in the mood to paint,or update the blog...or playing fumbbl :(

Anyway...he´s getting better everyday,but hes gonna have to do a heart surgery.

And thats about here now and i´ve played 2 fumbbl games already (Lost 0-2 with Norse Vs Chaos and won 2-0 with Amazons Vs Orcs).

And now about the Give him (ME) a goblin contest...

Here´s Mathias (sorry for the pic...its my fault :) )

He´s an angry looking goblin...Mr.Merry Mayhem approve´z it

I approve it also by the way :P

Also,heres the pic of Be4ch:

Pretty cool huh??? :)

And to end this post,let me copy/paste my post from the TFF forum :) lazy :P

Now that goblins around the world are getting ready for action,you can send them to:

Paulo Miguel do Carmo Soares
Av. da Liberdade,Nº481-2ºEsq.

Also,for pics and other stuff,use the following mail:

Please put GHAG on the subject

When you send the gobbo,please tell me by mail so i can keep track of them.

Thanks all


2 comentários:

Tristan M disse...

Glad to hear your pops is doing better.

I will count that pic for Mathias to enter the overdrive contest.

Paul O'G disse...

What a distressing time, very glad your Dad's condition is improved.