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quinta-feira, 1 de março de 2012

Back for more... Star Players!

Fuelled by the "Give him a Goblin" contest (just click on the link if you still don't know what I'm talking about), I've painted a couple more home brewed Blood Bowl Star Players.

First one on display is Lottabottol, a Lizardmen skink star with all the skills you need for ruining your opponent's perfect pass with an interception.
Its made from GW's Skink Lizardmen plastic sprue, with a few extra bits (old skeleton armour) just to make him stand from the 'regular skink.

The second star of the day is Horkon Heartripper, a Dark Elf star player.
It's a mini from GW's Warhammer Dark Elf range (an assassin), and he'll probably just stand in the shelf for now since I'm not playing any DE team right now.

Hope you like them, and please fell free to comment.

4 comentários:

Tristan M disse...

Love the skink, the blend with dark dots is really nice.

The detailing on the inside of the assassin cloak is sweet!

AbraxiS disse...

Yeah...that´s what i was saying to Axt over at Fumbbl. I love the lava-like skin of the skink and the details in the inside of the cloak....but what really catched my heart was,the black/gold combo on the outside of the cloak :P

Really awesome job.

Axtklinge disse...

The DE was really fast to paint since most of it is black, so I felt it needed some detail.
The skink took a few layers for the lava effect (unfortunatly the pic is a bit blurry and it's not that easy to notice), but it was fun to paint.

Paul O'G disse...

Great stars - Harkon's cloak is great and I love the colours you used on Lottabottol