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segunda-feira, 12 de março de 2012

After-School Special...

New Three Die Block

"After-School Special w/ Nairn Murray

(1:51:21) On this very special episode of Three Die Block, Chance and Drew sit down with Nairn Murray and discuss how he has used Blood Bowl to develop an after-school club for his students. Then Chance and Drew face those painful bully memories as they discuss Dirty Player and Sneaky Git in the Rulebook Revealed segment. Lastly, playoffs time is upon us, and the guys begin to speculate as to who will make it through the quarter- and semi-finals and who they think will take home the cup!

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Music: "Boom (Crystal Method remix)" by P.O.D.

This production was made possible in part by Impact! Miniatures and Critical Hit Games"

Check it out HERE

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