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terça-feira, 13 de março de 2012

Oak-Land Riders...

...Yeah...they are here...the Oak(Land) Riders LOLOL

I had to do something with those Dungeon Bowl elfs, and after that silly idea of painting them with light colours, i´ve decided that i would paint them with some MANLY colours instead (black and gold if you dont know what im talking about) and turned them into a (Dark) Wood Elf team (i can also use them as Pro Elves or maybe Dark Elves i guess).

While i was doing that i thought that it would be cool to keep that Old School 2ed feeling alive so, i had to have a 2ed treeman on the team.

Luckly Inkpwn from TFF had one, and he sold it to me :)

As for the awesome logo, while i was talking to Axtklinge over at Fumbbl, i was trying to explain him this dumb idea that i had... i wanted to do a Oakland Raiders funny version thing for my woodies and, a couple of minutes later, i had the logo on my mail box (talk about friendship hum ;) ). As you can see, its damn perfect...its manly (black and gold remember) and it fits the team in every possible way... they will be riding the oak foo shoo (#whutupshun).

(If you want some cool logos for your teams,please contact Axtklinge. C´MON DO IT)

And thats about it... like you can see, it took me 16 hours, 42 minutes and 14 seconds to paint them... uff... i'm such a slow painter

Ok, ill shut up, its lunch time...and im hungry :P

Here´s the team:

As you can see, the hair match the base colour. I stole the hair idea from this guys:

Fatfinley from BothDown painted them.

Here´s Ekie and his two favourite boys (dont ask)...

And here´s Ekie himself ;)

I hope you like them... because they will be kicking your ass pretty soon... or riding it... or you´ll all be riding them... oh man... elves.... ppppffff

7 comentários:

Tristan M disse...

Have to admit that logo makes me REAL jealous. I hacked a crappy one together for my dark elf team named the raiders - but it doesn't look elf-y at all. Basically I just drew on the little helmet detailing all the old dark elf models had.

Super impressed with all the painting you've been doing man - you went from hating painting to pumping out blood bowl teams. Great stuff!

AbraxiS disse...

Thanks brother.

As for the logo,Axtklinge is the man to blame...he did it in like 5 minutes or so,and then surprised me with him...i guess he´s the only one that can read my thoughts lololol.

By the way...i cant read my own thoughts...theres too much noise in there LOLOL

As for painting...well...i do hate painting...really...HATE...but i guess being unenployed really helps,plus,your harlequin was the kick start i needed it...thanks again for that ;)

About pumping BB teams...well...nooo...if you want to see someone pumping BB teams...well,you should see Axt´s,90% of them are converted in some way,and its not AbraxiS converting style...its Conversion with capital C.Ask him for really need to see his Cowboy/mexican halfling Bandidos lolol


Axtklinge disse...

I'm impressed!
Another painted team?
Well congratulations Mr.Abraxis, I love those colours, and the treeman is quite nice as well!
(Note: Some day you'll start trying other colours for your teams and you'll see they're good too, but until then congrats for another great job!)

Thank you both for the kind words on the logo. I've been meddling with graphic design for some years now as sometimes kinda helps to do presentations for my work.
Just so you know I dont read minds, but I do read FUMMBL game chats... :D

lrqan disse...

They remind me of a'pop group' we have here called 'Jedward'.You'd have to be tough!

AbraxiS disse...


the Jedwards...if i ever do another elf team,thats how they will call themselves...LOLOL


Laughing Ferret disse...

Good idea with the hair- that's the only chance to identify them in the Cyanide game, so works on the table too.

Great logo, love that

Paul O'G disse...

That is a very cool team indeed! Might almost make me tempted to possibly consider playing Woodies....almost!

And the Logo - wicked!