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quarta-feira, 28 de março de 2012

Less than 1 week GHAG photo reminder...

Yeah dudes...less than 1 week left to send me your gobbo pics...hummm...gobbo pics...that sounded kind of funny (get it?? glad i call my "gobbo" Tiger Tail...LOLOLOLOL)

Please use the following email to send me your pics:


Also,if you already mailed me the pic and want to send me the gobbo,please use this adress:

Paulo Miguel do Carmo Soares
Av. da Liberdade,Nº481-2ºEsq.


Now,heres some more cool gobbos:

Heres Dalfort...he arrived yesterday directly from Crewe,U.K..Touchdown mate ;)

Here´s Connexion from the Nabbo League...(those guys over at Nabbo really know how to do great convertions he?)

And you probably remember this´s Nazgob "im too sexy" goblin ;)

Uhhhhh....ssseeexxxyyyyy :P

And thats it for now.
If you already sended me the pic and you havent see it here,please tell me because i may have forgotten.

Cheers all...

3 comentários:

Neilpferd disse...

I recognise that cat........James Bond...........Black&Gold finger!

Tristan M disse...

some awesome models here - LOVE the pogo'er conversion - well done Conexxion!

fatfinley disse...

Ours are done, I need to send you pics of #63 (Mine) and #93 (Daughter's with my asst) for your team. We will be shipping in the mail with Steve's (Kilowog2814) Goblin.