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quinta-feira, 22 de março de 2012

Jumping Nightmares preview...

...yeah...its a Dark Elf team :)

Converted from Dark Eldar figs...this team took me like 5 or 6 years to assemble...and im not kidding here.These guys were part of the Warhammer 40k starter box...the one that had the DE against the Black Templars.

Anyway,this is just a cheap preview,because i just finish the lineman´s and i had to take a pic of it.
In this pics you cant see the awesome work that Axtklinge did on the assassin and on the runners,so,after i finish gluing those extra spikes,ill take new pics before i prime them.

Until then,here you have 2 crappy pics :P

Cheers all...

9 comentários:

Paul O'G disse...

They look great - they'll make a unique and good looking team!

PS I hate playing against Dark Elves and all their stinking 4AG...

Tristan M disse...

I wonder what colours you will paint them :P

Neilpferd disse...

I think he was going for a change from his usual Black and Gold.........Gold and Black I believe:D)

Axtklinge disse...

Oh yeah, DE on the spotlight!
Keep it going mate!

By the way, I'm glad you liked my small green stuff contributions to the team, but they're far from awesome!
Its a pair of balls and a cape!
Go ahead and make a joke out of my last sentence! :D

AbraxiS disse...

I was going to paint & RED....lolol...yeah....thats the ones on Fumbbl....lololol

Im still thinking on what im gonna do on them so they dont look so sci-fi...i guess that if i dont concentrate too much on the armour details,they´ll look more blood,with the grass and the brown base...well,they might turn in a awesome DE team :)

@Axt...oh yeah...your "balls" are perfect...LOLOL


Tristan M disse...

If you are thinking black & red, you could try something like my spyrers.

Spyrer step by step

They look really awesome and I think will suit the texture of the dark eldar models. You could pick a different wash per model type (green = runner, black = assassin, blue = blitzer, purple = witch, red = lineelf)

Tristan M disse...

plus it is really really fast to do!

AbraxiS disse...

Really cool brother,unfortunatly i only have like a half dozen of colours :(

But its awesome,and i would definitly do it if i had the you´ve said...its fast ;)


Axtklinge disse...

Hey, that's a very cool idea.
And you would only need a colour for each diferent positional.