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quarta-feira, 14 de março de 2012

Another GHAH goblin preview!

Here you go, another goblin preview for our "GHAG"contest!

This feisty specimen comes from our fellow TFF'er - neilpferd - and by the looks of its base the little bugger is already experienced in green skin 'dismantlement'.
Gotta looooove team players!!!

Kudos for joining our "green - black -gold" wave of merry mayhem, and thank you for this lovely entry!

6 comentários:

AbraxiS disse...

I laughed...hard LOLOL

I mean...the "c´mon...c´ sissy elf...c´mon"...


Its just great :)


Tristan M disse...

Give Him A Hot Goblin? thought this was mike_whitman with the sexy goblin?

Give Him A Horrible Goblin? I suppose this depends on your definition of horrible...

Give Him A Handy Goblin? didn't kilowoggy have this handled??? though I guess it kind of fits with the orc hand on the base!!!

fill me in Axt - what's the extra H for ?? ;)

in any case it's a great looking mini!!

AbraxiS disse...


Didnt spot that...lolol

Axtklinge disse...

Pffff... everyone is a comediant these days.

It seems I had an M for Mistake.

But since were at it, how about H for Hardy? Does that suit its come-and-get-some look?
Or you'd rather have an H for Huffy?

Tristan M disse...

He definitely looks like he's in a HUFF. I think we have a winner!

Mike Howell disse...

Is this a conversion? I'd love to know what you used what the original fig is like.