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segunda-feira, 23 de abril de 2012

Congratulations to Axtlinge !!

Geez!  MMN really racked up the medals here eh? MMN's own Axtlinge has placed 1st for "best original concept" in the FF-Fields "Team Too Cool" contest!!  Congratulations buddy! He has earned himself a custom pitch for his team "Three Chile Burrito Bandits".
Here is the photo he submitted (or at least one of them - how freakin awesome are the cactus treemen!! No wonder he got best concept, it's brilliant!!)

I haven't been able to find anything about this team of Axt's, how have we not seen this on the blog before?  How many other brilliant blood bowl teams are you hiding from us??

4 comentários:

Nazgob disse...

The people demand pictures!


Axtklinge disse...

Thank's for the kind words Tristan!
The team has been 'banded up' for this year NABBO League (by the way, did I ever mentioned that it's our 10th league in more than 10 years of existence?).
When I saw the contest I though -Humm... (really, most of my thoughts start by 'Hummm...'), what if...? - and so, after and huge sum of two (2) league games they've made a pause for a snack and a paint job!
And that's why no one ever saw them. No one except for Abraxis when he showed up to pic up his MMN gobbos!

Paul O'G disse...


Looks like the MMN team did well because I slipped in behind him in 2nd Place :-)

AbraxiS disse...

I´ve saw those little chubby guys them,and i was lucky to see them RAW too...those cactusman are made from scratch...Awesome work :)