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terça-feira, 24 de abril de 2012

The Pugwash Pirates

Following our MMN blog post on Neil's amazing "Das Schwarze Schwein" Blood Bowl dugout (please check the link), he was once again kind enough to let was see and show "The Black Pig" crew!

So here they are, the fierce human pirate team, The Pugwash Pirates:

Capn. Jack and Capn. Barbossa (Blitzers)

Capn. Pugwash and The Masked Marauder (Blitzers)

Cut Throat Jake and Drunken Duncan (Line pirates)

Long John and Seaman Staines (Line pirates)

Roger the Boy and Sucker Punch Bill (Line pirates)

Eddie Longshanks, Three Legged Pete and Blind Pugh (Catchers)

Master Bates (Ogre)

Captured Grim Ironjaw (Reroll)

Sacrificial Maidens (Reroll)

Extra LVP and Leader Rerolls

A great looking team, worth of a great looking custom dugout.
Nothing less!
Kudos to Neil for his work (the whole 'nine yeards': concept, conversions and paint job).
Well done mate!

5 comentários:

Tristan M disse...

Excellent looking team! Love the reroll guy in stocks. I also have the dark eldar slave girls, as Turn & Score counter respectively for my dark elf team.

Great team Neil - well done!

AbraxiS disse...

Awesome,i guess that,if you had a "ship-pitch",you would be considered a BloodBowl God.

Anyway,yes...i would like to have that team and the dugout please :)

Cheers mate and congrats ;)

Neilpferd disse...

Hi guys. A couple of small corrections first! The ogre is just called Master Bates, it's Eddie Longshanks, Sucker Punch Bill and the third catcher is called Blind Pugh. It's myfault for naming the pictures badly.

I don't have a ship pitch, I did think about it but decided as the dugout is a ship it wouldn't quite fit. However what I did do is create a treasure map pitch using photoshop and got it printed on oilcloth by Sanabeso. It looks cool if I say so myself! O:-)

I can send you a game report and some pics of the team in action if you would like.

Axtklinge disse...

"...IF you would like?"
Do you really need to ask?

That pitch idea sounds great!

(PS: I've already corrected the player names).

AbraxiS disse...

A map pitch....EVEN BETTER...really...thats frikking awesome.

I guess we would like to see more pics and a game report... :)