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domingo, 29 de abril de 2012

Player Portrait: Brort Eralg

As some of you may know, I play (and commission) a league on fumbbl in honour of the Zlurpnation. Some of you may also remember that I hate Both Down. Thanks to them, I have been expanding the fluff of my team, the Badland Outlaws. Every game has a write up and a lot of players have a biography; I thought I'd share one of those with you today.

Famous Orc Player Profile


Team: Badland Outlaws
Age: Unknown
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 165lb
Rushing: 75 yards
Touchowns: 1
Casualties: 1
Most Valuable Player: 2

To everyone's surprise, and the Coach's eternal bemusement and disappointment, Brort applied for funding to go to the Altdorf College of Blood Bowl. There, instead of learning traditional Orcy skills, the blitzer discovered magical things to do with the pig-skin. Like pick it up.

Unfortunately for Brort, his elvish tendencies have turned him into the team's whipping boy. Every time he gets near the line, one of the bigger orcs walks over and steals the ball from him.
Did you know?
In a desperate attempt to bulk up and stop the bigger boys picking on him, Brort turned to drugs. They simply made him still thinner and more elf-like, as well as providing him with a free sex change operation. Brort now has her own line of Orcy lingerie.

Now, in case you found that boring, here's something to wake you up.

2 comentários:

Axtklinge disse...

"(...) her own line of Orcy lingerie"?
I bet it has "heads" hanging from it like that lollypop chainsaw thing...

AbraxiS disse... made me laugh.

Blame on the elfs for his/her sex change...lolol...thats what i always do...not that i had a sex happened to friend of mine ;)