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segunda-feira, 23 de abril de 2012

Congratulations to Nazgob !!

MMN's own Nazgob (aka @mike_whitman on twitter) has placed 3rd in "best painted" in the FF-Fields "Team Too Cool" contest!!  Congratulations man!  He has earned himself a custom pitch for his team "The Interlopers".
Here is the photo he submitted (or at least one of them - check out the awesome harlequin conversions!)

I also did some digging (ps. Mike, your Flickr photostream on your blog is down) but I used some google-fu to find his Interlopers Flickr set - check out all the close-ups!

Great job Mike and congrats once again! Well deserved!

7 comentários:

Axtklinge disse...

Congrats Nazgob!
Those Interlopers look amazing!

It's very cool to see members of our crew prized!

Nazgob disse...

This really made my day. No idea what sort of prize support there was for third though - was it only first that got a board? Quite frankly, I don't care. It's nice just to know that people enjoy the Interlopers - feeling very inspired to get back behind the brush and finish my Pact team now.

Thanks for the compliments (and the heads up about my flickr pool).


Axtklinge disse...

Wont put my neck for it but I'm fairly sure that it was a (6 pieces) hard pitch for the first, a rollable one for the second, and a Street bowl one for the third.

AbraxiS disse...

Congrats Naz...those Harlequins/elfs are just great :)
You should paint one for Tristans Necromunda gang :)

Tristan M disse...

AbraxiS - I was definitely going to ask after seeing this team!!

Paul O'G disse...

Fantastic - hearty congratulations mate! A well deserved placing amongst some VERY tough competition in that category. You should be rightfully chuffed.

So a total of 3 prizes for MMN? That's pretty darn awesome, and all going to different continents too :-)

Paul O'G disse...

OK, different countries not continents (one too many open star POW results perhaps!)