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sexta-feira, 6 de abril de 2012

GHAG contest raffle results!

I would just like to start off by thanking everyone involved in this project - what a rousing success it has been!

Here are all the goblins, next to each person is a # and whether or not they qualify for the raffle prizes.  In addition I have added a poll to the blog, please vote for best goblin (conversion, theme, paintjob) - I have a surprise for whoever wins. The poll will be open for one week.

#00: Abraxis (he already got the best prize of all!! DISQUALIFIED lol)
#01: Axtlinge (MMN member - does not qualify)
#02: Barnacle111 (qualifies)
#03: Be4ch (qualifies)
#04: Connexion (qualifies)
#05: Dalfort (qualifies)
#06: Dokumitsukai (qualifies)
#07: Hakomike (qualifies)
#08: JRufer (qualifies)
#09: laughingferret (qualifies)
#10: lerchey (qualifies)
#11: Marco Preto (qualifies)
#12: Mathias (qualifies)
#13: Nazgob (MMN member - does not qualify)
#14: NeilNickson (qualifies)
#15: fatfinley (qualifies)
#16: Wakelynn (qualifies)
#17: Kilowoggy (qualifies)
#18: Thadrin (qualifies)
#19: Tristan (MMN member - does not qualify)
#20: wapcaplets (qualifies) 
#21: Xtreme (qualifies)
I have used to determine the winners.

Let's start with the $25 off coupon.  This can go towards any commission with Gavin: @artbygavin on twitter or

the winner is.. #17 - Kilowogggy!!. Congrats, please provide MMN with your contact info.

Now, onto the main prize, a print of my bloodbowl teams duking it out signed by the artist (Gavin: @artbygavin on twitter or
main prize!
the winner is.. #3 - Be4ch!! Congratualations!!  Please contact MMN to provide your mailing address.

Again a HUUUGE thank you to all who participated.  Please remember to vote for best painted, as I have a special surprise in store for them too!

7 comentários:

Axtklinge disse...

That's a fantastic looking gobbo team right there!
Don't forget to post a pic of them all together as soon as you have the chance including those shiny machines of death aka trolls you also got!
Painted of course!

Cheers and gratz to the winners!
Lucky buggers!

Paul O'G disse...

Wonderful team - well done everybody!
Still one Gobbo to come and apologies again for the hound related delay...

Kilowoggggy! disse...

Suhhhhwwwweeeeeet! Thanks! I can't wait to get my own freakishly awesome painting done!!!!
As for voting, gotta go for Xtreme. He even managed to sneak a Meatloaf prize in. How awesome!

Tristan M disse...

please be sure to use the voting poll widget! I can't add votes from comments!

Marco tartaruga disse...

Very Nice, is a good place to start the goblins

Be4ch disse...

Wow, I don't know what to say. Frankly, I'm in shock. There are some lovely looking Goblins there and I can't believe I won the print. That's going on the wall in our new conservatory. Thanks.

AbraxiS disse...

@B4ach...if you feel like kissing someone,Tristan is the man you want...this contest is his creation ;) LOL.Thanks for your interest in the contest mate.Cheers