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sexta-feira, 20 de abril de 2012

Das Schwarze Schwein...

...or The Black Pig!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! 

 Today, Merry Mayhem News is proud to announce something never seen before in this old world port!
A vessel who's awesomeness would make the legendary Flying Dutchman pale in comparison, the home and dugout of the fierce Pugwash Pirates team, sole creation of our friend Neil, a Blood Bowl coach and dugout pirate himself.
Ladies and gentlemen, let me present you first handed images of this year Dungeon Bowl "Best Dugout" award winner, Das Schwarze Schwein !
Overview of the entire ship!
The crow's nest with the scatter template on the boards! 

The ship's place for cut-throats yet in reserve! 

Here be "Dead and Injured" sea dogs.

Now that's a very graphic warning regarding Go-For-It abusers!

 Gun ports and turn counters!

 There you have a jolly good cabin for the Ref to Rest...

 ...In Peace!
The score board!

And out the window goes the N.I. skilless player...

Here sharky, sharky, sharky!
Can let prime beef waste can we? Arrrr...

That's one fantastic piece of work Neil!
Congrats for a well deserved "Best Dugout" award, and thank you for letting us show it off in the blog!

6 comentários:

Tristan M disse...

OMG this is freakin' amazing!!!
Love the GFI sign, and the ref in the cage!

Where can we see pics of the team this dugout is for?

Is "shiver me timbers" the KO area?

Does he use cannon balls to count the score.

pure awesomesauce Neil.. great work!!

Paul O'G disse...

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!!!

A Hearty well done and give that man some Rum!!!

lrqan disse...

Ab Fab matey. Thee be a starrrrr.

Neilpferd disse...

Thanks all, it was a lot of work but definitely worth it!

Tristan you're right:

Deck Swabbers is where the reserves go, Shiver Me Timbers is the KO'd area and Davey Jones Locker Room is for the dead and injured. The Sacrifices to Nuffle err I mean rerolls walk the plank behind the KO'd area.

I did consider using cannon balls to count the score but instead I went with treasure chests and barrels etc from my AD&D days.

I've sent Axt some pics of the team he can either post them on the blog or forward them to you whichever is fine with me.

Axtklinge disse...

More than happy to upload them team pics, as soon as I go ashore!
And that's a fine crew you've got there for that Schwarze Schwein Neil!

AbraxiS disse...

Beautiful...its simply amazing.

I love the ref in the cage and the shark in the water.

I would also like to see the team :)

Great work indeed :)