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sexta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2011

"The package"...

Ok....for those of you that dont understand why im posting this,despair not...this is kind of a private joke here at the Merry Mayhem Headquarters...

"The Package"


Ps-we really dont have any Headquarters...but it sounds cool ;)

Ps1-Heres a bonus vid: Here

Ps2-I surely can relate a lot to Kramer

Ps3-Yes,im hungry (LOL)

Ps4-No,my middle name is not Cosmo.

Ps5-You are still reading this??!!...Then by all means check this out: Alien Planets & Eyeball Earths: The Search for Habitable Planets

Ps6-I think i hit my head again...and i lost 2 BB games against Axt

Ps7-Ok,this is the end now...go on and prepare your troops for a surface attack

2 comentários:

Tristan M disse...

Haha, I hope you have a bomb diffusing robot!

Sure - blame the losses on hitting your head :P

ps. Nonsense at its finest!!

Axtklinge disse... Headquarters at all.
We sure dont. Not even very well hidden ones. If there's some place secret with top of the state technology that might or might not be used to develop world domination obsessions and perhaps blood bowl ultimate tactics...we've never heard of it. Nope. Nothing of that sort.

@Ps1- That vid is absolutely hilarious.
Nice find Mr.'not Cosmo' :)

@Ps6- That's not exactly how it went.
Can't state for the 'bump in the head', but as far as the games went, just because the connection went down with me on the lead it doesn't mean it wouldn't end the other way around.