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segunda-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2012

the "Give him a Goblin" contest

My harlequins "painted by others" seemed to really inspire Abraxis, it was the first thing he'd painted in a looong time (in addition to the orc blood bowl counter) and since he has painted two whole blood bowl teams - dwarves & undead. He loved the idea of each harlequin painted by someone different, and wanted something similar himself.

We discussed it so much he came up with the idea of a "give him a goblin" blood bowl team. A single goblin - painted, isn't too much to ask. Axt begged to have the fanatic and I have pieces to convert a looney. We could think of a couple people who might have been interested but that would only get him half a team. So I thought of a contest and we needed a significant prize on offer to really tempt people into entering. I have offered up a print of a piece my fiance commissioned for my birthday, which features two of my blood bowl teams duking it out! I will get this piece signed by the artist. Check it out on his blog here.

As a runner up prize he has generously offered a coupon for a deal on a commission of your own.

The coupon has been determined to be $25 off your own commission. They are somewhat expensive, but could be nice for a gaming group to band together to get a nice piece for their FLGS!
brilliant piece of 2 of my blood bowl teams by Gavin @
Quick Summary
Paint a blood bowl goblin and mail it to Abraxis - submit a photo and whoever's raffle is picked will win the prize.

1. be a follower of Merry Mayhem News.
2. leave a comment below to which player you want to paint.
3. paint the goblin, team colours are black & gold, leave the base for Abraxis.
4. submit a photo of your completed/painted goblin by April 1st 2012.
5. mail your goblin to Abraxis.

Voting & Prize Draw
there will be a period of 10 days of voting for "best painted" goblin, at the end of the voting, whoever is voted the winner will receive a print of the above piece, with the exception of myself (hahahaha) or Axt.

Axt suggested that we raffle the prize off among all the entries instead of best painted so everyone has an equal chance to win the prize(s) - I think this is a good idea and even's the playing field. Naturally we are excluded from winning the prize.

A thought occurs - perhaps we could make the second prize (the coupon) go to the "best painted" so you'd have a reason (other than being nice) for trying to do a good job... Let me know what you think.

Players Available
1troll --Tristan&Abraxis TOUCHDOWN
2troll --Tristan&Abraxis TOUCHDOWN
goblin bombadier --Arthur
goblin fanatic --Axt #11 TOUCHDOWN
goblin looney (chainsaw) --Tristan #19 TOUCHDOWN
goblin pogo'er --Connexion #37 TOUCHDOWN
1goblin --Paul
2goblin --Nazgob #69 TOUCHDOWN
3goblin --Buggrititeltem #13
4goblin --Thadrin #05 TOUCHDOWN
5goblin --Be4ch #07 TOUCHDOWN
6goblin --Mathias #09 TOUCHDOWN
7goblin --Scott #63 TOUCHDOWN
8goblin --Scott´s daughter :) TOUCHDOWN
9goblin --MarcoPreto #25 TOUCHDOWN
10goblin --Mystery Painter!!! #66
11goblin --JRufer #00 TOUCHDOWN
12goblin --laughingferret #08 TOUCHDOWN
13goblin --wapcaplets
14goblin --hakomike #31 TOUCHDOWN
15goblin --Dalfort #73 TOUCHDOWN
16goblin --neilnickson TOUCHDOWN
goblin apothecary --barnacle111 TOUCHDOWN
goblin cheerleader --Dokumitsukai TOUCHDOWN
goblin with extra arm(s) --Kilowog2814 #04 TOUCHDOWN
goblin with two heads --daloonieshaman #02
goblin with two heads --Lorand
goblin with big hand --AbraxiS #78 TOUCHDOWN
goblin with horns --lerchey #33 TOUCHDOWN

27 comentários:

Paul O'G disse...

I'm in for a standard gobbo - now to go find one! (I used my last spare for my Death Valley Dreadnoughts team)

Paul O'G disse...

Awesome idea BTW - I wanted to do the same but for a Chaos Pact team!

Axtklinge disse...

That is a SUPER COOL prize Mr. Tristan!
And signed for the artist?!?!
That's just the cherry on the top!
I can almost see those goblins being TTM'ed... I mean mailed to Abraxis!

Be4ch disse...

No Trolls in the team?

Tristan M disse...

Paul: got you marked down!

Be4ch: trolls seemed a bit much to ask of someone to paint to enter when everyone else is just painting a goblin. They will be Abraxis' responsability (he's gotta do SOMETHING to earn the team ;) )

Be4ch disse...

Ha! that'll be why he was drooling over the photos of my Troll on Twitter the other day then.

Nazgob disse...

I'm in for a normal goblin.

Now, it may be because I'm the new guy, but was there a time frame in mind?

AbraxiS disse...

@Be4ch-Got me mate ;)

@Nazgob-April 1st 2012 and,you´re not the new guy...Paul of the man cave is the "new" guy...but since yesterday i went to Axt´s house and today the flu is really slapping me around,i didnt have the time to introduce him to the world properly :)

Sorry Paul :(

Anónimo disse...

Can I paint up the bombadier? Never painted one up before, its gunna be fun on the bun. :)

AbraxiS disse...

@Arthur-Yup,the "BombOblin" or "GoBomb" is now yours :)

Buggrititeltem disse...

Put me down for a normal gobbo (I've just bought a team and a couple of spares for my superhero/villain goblin team project!)

AbraxiS disse...

@Buggrititeltem -Done brother :) Thanks.

Thadrin disse...

I just happen to have some gobbos lying around unwanted. Will get on it for you.

Be4ch disse...

Put me down for a normal Goblin.

Mike Howell disse...

I'm in.

I don't know enough about what a pogo'er is or what big hands or horns really entail, so I'll have to look into it before I specify what I'm contributing.

Can you provide any details about the gold color? Is there an analogous real-world sports team that uses the color you have in mind?

Mike Howell disse...

...and is a regular warhammer gobbo converted to the purpose acceptable?

Tristan M disse...

Hey Mike, you can definitely convert a whfb gob - that's what I'm doing. The pogo guy just needs to look like he can bounce. A pogo stick or springs on the feet are the sculpts i have seen, something like that would suit.

As for the gold colour i will let Abraxis answer.

AbraxiS disse...

@Mike Howell-Thanks for the interest mate.As for the gold colour,just paint them mainly black and then use some gold in any place you think its cool...its not like you have to do a professional uniform with those colours or something...just use those colours the way you like it and thats it. This team will be a mercenary team that plays for the Merry Mayhem News blog and since they are gobbos...well...just paint it like a gobbo would paint using black and gold lolol.Cheers mate

AbraxiS disse...
Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.
Steve disse...

I guess if we're doing #s and I have the 4 armed guy... Put me down for #4

Connexion disse...

I'm in for the Pogoer: Spring-Heeled Jack #37


Marco Preto disse...

I'm in for #25!


Laughing Ferret disse...

Thanks for contacting me about this to let me know! Happy to join in, sounds like fun.

Laughing Ferret disse...

I got my goblin built last night- and actually painted today too, though I didn't read closely and the base is painted, but no grass, so it's probably fine- could repaint the ground or scrape it off.

here's the plug & the converted goblin's picture before paint:

Tristan M disse...

No worries David, I don't think it was clear to start, many have painted their bases - even I just followed suit. Appreciate your contribution.

Mike Howell disse...

Being slow has made up my mind for me. I'll do a regular gobbo!

Mike Howell disse...

Preview WIP!

I forgot that you wanted the bases unfinished. I'll scrape the flock off the base before sending.